Digital assets from Waterloo Photos can now be added to the WCMS. Content types that support the Waterloo Photos integration will display an upload link. There are existing known issues with uploading images from Waterloo Photos.

  1. From the Administration bar, select My Workbench.

  2. Select Create/Manage Content and select the content type you wish to add the image (like Web Page).

  3. In the body, click on where you want to insert the image.
    Note: the image will be inserted at cursor point.
  4. Scroll down to Upload an Image and select Choose an Image.      Upload an image field.

    Note: There are 4 ways to upload an image to your Body/content area:
    • Reference Existing: Find an image that has already been uploaded to web server; prevents numerous copies of the same file from being uploaded and stored
    • Upload: Searches local files (on your computer)
    • File browser: Similar to Reference Existing in that file has already been uploaded to web
    • Remote URL: Will copy a file from a web server to the WCMS web server
  5. Select the image you want to upload and select Open.

  6. Click Upload. Upload an image field

  7. Change the image size by clicking on the Style drop down menu. Upload style options for image.Note: The WCMS can automatically restrict the width of the image, but not the height.The pixel width of uploaded images is outlined below.                                           

    Images can also be rescaled manually once inserted by clicking and dragging the edges of the image.

    • Fully size body image: 500 pixels wide (no height restriction)

    • Sidebar image: 220 pixels wide (no height restriction)

    • Original image

  8. Click Insert.                                                                     

  9. Add appropriate alternative text.Alternative text field.

    Alternative text is text that is used in place of non-text content for those who cannot view the non-text content. In order for people with disabilities to be able to use this text, the text must be able to be read and used by the assistive technologies (and the accessibility features in browsers) that people with disabilities use (i.e. a screen reader).

    To ensure Accessibility standards are being met, all non-text content must have alt text associated with it.

  10. Click Save.                                                      

  11. Change Moderate state to Published and click Apply.

Note: If an image is no longer in use on the site a Site Manager can Delete uploaded images from the File list.

Known issues regarding Waterloo Photos

Uploading digital assets from Waterloo Photos is not available within embedded content types (Embedded timeline, facts and figures, and call to action).

Important note about image size

  • If an image selected from Waterloo Photos is too large for the WCMS, an error message indicating so will appear. Please attempt to upload a lower resolution version of the asset. The initial error message will still appear on the WCMS screen, however, the photo URL will have updated. Please click the Upload button to add the lower resolution version of the asset. 

Waterloo Photos upload imgae size error message

Important note about known file upload bug

  • An image file uploaded from Waterloo Photos may be added to the WCMS file list in duplicate or triplicate, instead of just once. This is a known bug.

Errore message when uploading a listing page image for social media from Waterloo Photos