Image galleries showcase a selection of images with optional captions. Content maintainers can create image galleries that either:

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Create an Image gallery

  1. From the Administration bar, select My Workbench.
  2. Select the Create/Manage Content tab.
  3. Select Image gallery.
  4. Select Add Image gallery.
  5. Add a Gallery Name.
  6. Configure Slideshow Settings:
    1. Select an Image gallery type from the drop down menu.Image gallery type field.
    2. Select the Number of images to display.number of images to display
    3. Choose from one of three Navigation options: Navigation options
      1. Nav arrows only
      2. Dot pager only
      3. Both
        Dots and previous and next buttons
  7. Add content at the top and/or bottom body, which will display above and/or below the gallery unless embedded in another content type.

Add images to gallery

  1. Scroll down to Gallery images and in the Add images field, select the Browse button.
  2. Select the image you want to upload and select Open.
    1. To bulk upload images, hold down Shift on the keyboard, select the first image in the range.
      Bulk image upload select first image
    2. Select the last image in the range.
      Bulk upload all images selected
      Note: upload 1 to 20 images at once, up to a total of 25 MB per upload.
      Note: you can also select multiple specific images by holding down Ctrl, then selecting specific images.
  3. Click Upload button.
  4. Add descriptive Alternate text for the image.
  5. Add a Title and Caption for each photo (optional). These will display along the bottom of the image.Alternative text, Title and Caption fields.
  6. Re-arrange the images by clicking on the arrow beside the image and drag it to the desired order.Drag and drop arrows.
  7. Save and Publish.
  8. The embedded Image gallery will display as such:
    • Thumbnails type:Thumbnail view of image gallery.
    • Carousel type:Carousel view of image gallery.
    • With either type, the user can click on an individual image to view it in original resolution:Preview view of image gallery.

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