News items appear in the "News" section of your site and (optionally) on your homepage. News listings pages are configured not to show news items older than one year.

The News listing page has an RSS feature so that site visitors can subscribe to receive news items from the site. Students can select their preferred news feeds to appear in their Portal.

See notes on other site templates.

Create a News item

  1. Select My Workbench under the black Administration bar.My Workbench link in the administration bar.
  2. Select the Create/Manage Content tab.
    Create/Manage content tab.
  3. Click News item.
    News item link.
  4. Click + Add News item.
    Add news item link.
  5. Enter the title of the news item under Heading.
  6. Enter the date of news item. Note: The date will automatically default to current date.
  7. Insert an optional Listing page image (image will appear as a thumbnail on the News listing page be sure to crop to appropriate size).
    Listing page image field
    1. Click Browse and select image.
    2. Click Upload.
    3. Add Alternative text.
  8. Enter content into the Body.
    1. You can also insert a Teaser break Teaser break button. in the text (all text above the teaser break will appear on the News listing page).
  9. Click Save.
    Save button
  10. Publish.
    Changing moderation state to published.

NOTE: News items default to be promoted to the front page of the website. If you don't want a News item to show on the homepage deselect 'Promoted to front page' under Publishing options.

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