Content Maintainers can create an Opportunity that will populate the Opportunities landing page with job/volunteer opportunities. Students can view Opportunities in Portal.

The website lead for the site will need to request that the Opportunity content type be enabled.

See notes on other site templates.

Create an Opportunity

  1. Create a new Opportunity.
    • Select My Workbench in the black Administration bar.
      My Workbench link in the administration bar.
    • Select the Create/Manage Content tab. Create/Manage content tab.
    • Click Opportunity.
      Opportunity link.
    • Click +Add Opportunity.
  2. Enter the Opportunity Title.
    Opportunity title field.
  3. Choose the Opportunity type (Volunteer, Paid or Research participant).
    Opportunity type field.
    1. If Paid is selected enter the Rate of pay and Rate of pay type.
  4. Choose the Employment Type (Part time or Full time).Employment type selection list.
  5. Enter the Job ID associated with the opportunity (optional).
    Opportunity job ID field.
  6. Enter the department/office this opportunity is posted by.
    Posted by department/office field.
  7. Enter a Description for the opportunity that is being offered.
  8. Upload an image or a file, if desired.
  9. Enter the date that the posting will be open for submissions.
    Date posted/Application open field.
  10. Enter the date and time that the posting will be closed for submissions (optional).
    Application deadline field.
  11. Enter potential date that position will commence (optional).
    Start date field.
  12. Enter the date the position will cease (optional).
    End date field.
  13. Enter the Number of positions available.
  14. Enter who the position will report to (optional).
  15. Enter a URL to the posting description (optional).Number of positions, Reports to, and Link to application fields.
  16. Save and Publish.

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