Site Managers can generate a Path review report that shows nodes where the body field contains fully-qualified ("external") URLs that likely should be local. 

Note: Other fields are not checked, so even if this report is empty, you may still have fully-qualified URLs on your site.

Reviewing your Path review report

  1. In the Dashboard select Path review report from the Site Management section.
  2. Edit each node in the list to fix any links that should be local (internal).
  3. Click on Source in the editor, and then the Find (magnifying glass) button and search for // to find fully qualified URLs on that page. 

Internal links to web pages

Link the text to an existing page within your website (this is the preferred method of linking internally):

  1. Set Link Type to Internal Path.
  2. Begin to type the name of the page (using its page heading).
  3. A list of possible pages will populate in a list below, select the desired page.

Internal links to listing pages

  1. Remove everything before the /site-name. For example, change:



Internal links with anchors

  1. On the page containing the anchor, note the node ID of the page (e.g., 100) and the anchor name (e.g., courses-100).
  2. On the page where you want to create the anchor link, highlight the text you want to hyperlink.
  3. In the WYSIWYG toolbar, select the Link button and set the Link Type to URL.
  4. Enter “/”, the site name, “/node/”, the node ID, “#”, and the anchor name.

    In other words, the format is as follows:

    /{site-name}/node/{node ID}#{anchor name}.



    Note: The “Protocol” field changed to “<other>” – keep it as is.
  5. Click OK.