Person profiles are optional, and if enabled, will appear under the "About" section of your site. There is also the option to show selected profiles on your home page.

See notes on other site templates.

Create a Person profile:

  1. Select My Workbench from the black Administration bar.
  2. Select Create/Manage Content tab.
  3. Click Person profile link.
    Person profile link.
  4. Click +Add Person profile.
    Add person profile link.
  5. Add the Name and Title or position of the person. NOTE: The "Affiliation" will default to University of Waterloo.
    Name, title and affiliation fields
  6. Insert an optional Listing page image (image will appear as a thumbnail on the Person profiles listing page).
    Listing page image field
    1. Click Browse and select image.
    2. Click Upload.
    3. Add Alternative text.
  7. Add content to the Body.
    1. You can also insert a Teaser break Screenshot of teaser button. in the text (all text above the teaser break will appear on the listing page).
  8. Select Profile type. Note: Site managers are able to add terms to the profile type vocabulary.
    Profile type list.
  9. Add profile to homepage (optional - this will show selected profile(s) in the sidebar of your home page that refresh).
    1. Under Publishing options, select Promoted to front page.
      Publishing options.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Publish.
    Changing moderation state to Published.

Sort Person profiles

  1. From the Administration bar, click on My Workbench.
  2. Select the Create/Manage Content tab.
  3. Select the Person profile content type.
  4. Select Rearrange People profiles.
  5. To auto-sort - click on a column heading to sort by 'Name', 'Probable last name', or 'Title or position'.
  6. To manually sort - select the cross-arrows and drag a contact to the desired position.
  7. Click Save.

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