Person profile types are used to group profiles by relevancy and make searching for a specific profile easier. Site Managers can add a new Profile type to the default set.

  1. From the Administration bar, click on Dashboard.
  2. Under Vocabularies (right-hand side), select Profile type.Selecting profile type under Vocabularies.
  3. Click Add term.
    Add term.
  4. Insert the new profile type in to the Name textfield. Profiles can now be searched and sorted by this type.Name field for new profile type.
  5. Indicate any Synonyms for this type (if desired).Analyst inserted as a synonym for Researcher.
  6. Select Save.
  7. To re-arrange or nest profile types, click on the Dashboard again and select Profile type under Vocabularies. Re-arrange the profile terms by clicking on the arrows beside the name and dragging it to the desired location.
  8. Click Save.
  9. The Profile type will now appear in the list of Profile types when creating or updating a Person profile. Once applied to a new or existing Person profile, the Profile type will appear in the list on the sidebar of the Person profiles page. Profiles can now be filtered by this term.

    People profiles filter button.
    Profile type filter.