What is a Publication site?

Publications is a Waterloo Content Management System (WCMS) mobile-friendly, responsive template specifically designed for digital versions of University of Waterloo publications including:

  • Newsletters
  • Reports
  • Magazines

Publication websites are built using Drupal (WCMS), and while they look quite different, the content maintainer interface is similar to regular WCMS websites. 

See other WCMS publication sites and the guidelines for use.

Where to begin

  1. Create a Publication issue.
  2. Configure your Publication site details.
  3. Start populating your site with content.
  4. When you are ready for a new Publication issue, review how to archive a Publication issue.

Supported content types

Other content types


Looking for more content types? Check out which content types are available for each site template. 

Content not supported

  • Anchor links can only be clicked once; they do not lead to anchor after first click.
  • Nested publication article:
    • No draft state available to view.
    • If no listing page image added, “Feature image” displays at top of nested article.
  • Issue names with commas break the home page.
  • MathJax is not supported.
  • A Publication issue and a Publication category can share the same name as long as the Publication issue is created first.