Content maintainers can create Publication articles to populate the Publication site. Site managers will need to create a Publication issue before Publication articles can be created by Content maintainers. Publication articles can appear in the following sections of your site:

Important! In order to display Publication articles on the homepage, content mainatiners must select the Current issue name and the Feature category.

 Content type (full view)

Publication article

 Example (full view)

Publciation article with zoology

 Content type (listing page view)

sample publication aritcle with ehadings for listing page

 Example (listing page view)

Publication article listed zoology

Note: Publication sites are meant to use listing page images sized 1280 x 815 pixels (optimize the image as best as possible before uploading). The design of these sites relies on good quality images to push and pull and resize them as required. 

Create a Publication article

  1. Create a new Publication article.
    1. Select My Workbench in the black Administration bar.
    2. Select the Create/Manage content tab.
    3. Click Publication article.
    4. Click Add publication article.
  2. Enter the Headline.

    Article headline

  3. Enter a Sub-Headline (optional).
    Sub-Headline field.

  4. Select the Issue (start typing the current issue and then click on the auto-complete to select it).Issue field.

  5. Add the Author(s). Multiple authors may be added.
    Author field.
  6. Add a listing page image. Note: use an image size of 1280 x 815 pixels, and optimize the image as best as possible before uploading.
  7. Add a Teaser amount of information to display on the listing page.

    Publication article teaser

  8. Add Content into the body field.
    Publication article content field
  9. Add Sub Navigation articles (optional).

  10. Add Nested publication article (optional).

  11. Add Related articles (optional). Related articles will display at the bottom of the Publication article. A maximum of three related articles can be displayed.
    Publication related articles

  12. Add the Next article or Previous article to direct visitors to specific content (optional).Next Article and Previous Article upload fields.

  13. Add Audience groups (optional).
    Publication article audience terms

  14. Select the Publication category. The Feature category will be automatically selected and is required to display Publication articles on the home page (along with the current issue name). Publication articles with the Feature category will also display under the Feature menu link (option to disable menu link).
    Publication categories

    Category not listed? Contact your Site manager to create a New Category.
    Important! Publication issues need automatic path aliases - site maintainers should not try to override them by creating their own path URL.
  15. Save and Publish.

Rearrange the order of Publication articles

  1. Rearrange Publication articles

    1. Click on My Workbench.

    2. Create/Manage content.

    3. Publication article.

  2. Select Rearrange publication articles.
    Rearrange publication articles button

  3. The first five Publication articles will display on the home page.
    Rearrange publication article crossarrow order
  4. The Publication article in position 1 will be displayed as the "Hero image" at the very top of the publication.