Site managers will need to configure the Publication site details under the uWaterloo Publication Settings menu and the Home page web page.

Configure the Publication site details (this meta data will be made available to the public through the API) in uWaterloo Publication Settings:

  1. Configure site details by selecting uWaterloo Publication Settings from the Administration bar.
    Publication Settings.
  2. The Name field is filled in by default and does not need to be edited.
  3. The place-text in the Description field will need to be replaced with a brief description of the Publication.
    Publication description field.
  4. Select the publication Frequency of this publication.
    Frequency field of publication settings.
  5. Enter the publication Type. This field is completed by default but can be edited.
    Publication type dialogue box.
  6. Select the Current Issue of the Publication (start typing the current issue and then click on the auto-complete to select it).
    Note: The Publication Issue must first be created in Vocabularies.
    Note: Publication articles must be tagged with this Current Issue in order to be displayed on the home page.
    The Current Issue field.
  7. Enter the Faculty or Department name of the area producing the Publication. Note: This name will display in the Footer if no faculty or department logo is uploaded, and will link to the faculty or department main site. If a logo is uploaded, this name becomes the alt-text of the logo image.Faculty or department name field.
    • Faculty or department name in footer:
      Faculty or department name displayed in footer.
  8. Enter the Link to Main Site. Note: The faculty or department name or logo will link to this URL.Link to main site field.
  9. Upload an approved Faculty or Department logo. Note: This logo will link to the main site URL.
    Faculty or department logo.

  10. Enter Social Profile Links that will link to their respective icons, which appear in the site footer.
    Social media profile links field.
  11. The social media icons you define will display in the footer. Social media buttons on the homepage.
  12. Enter a Subscription Link, to display in Footer, if users are able to subscribe to the Publication (optional).
    Subcription link field.
  13. Save configuration.

Configure the Publication site details (this meta data will be made available to the public through the API) in Home page web page:

The publication Description will also need to be added to the Home page:

  1. My Workbench > Edit Home web page >
  2. Expand Edit Summary > add Description
  3. Save and Publish.