Content maintainers can create a Nested publication article to populate the Publication website. A Nested publication article lives inside a Publication article; the nested article is generally too small or too short to be a main article.

When inserted into the body content of a Publication article, the Nested article will appear in yellow brackets with the option to select and view the full article on the same page.

 Content type (nested view)

nested publication article sample

 Example (nested view)

Nested publication zoology

 Content type (expanded view)

Nested publication pop up sample

 Example (expanded view)

nested publication popup zoology

Note: Nested publication articles can only be viewed after being inserted into a Publication article. There is no available Draft view for Nested publication articles.

Create a Nested publication article

  1. Create a new Nested Publication article.
    1. Select My Workbench in the black Administration bar. 
    2. Select the Create/Manage content tab.
    3. Click Nested Publication articles.
    4. Click Add nested publication article.
  2. Enter the Headline.
    Nested publication headline
  3. Enter a Sub-Headline (optional).

  4. Enter the Issue.

  5. Add the Author(s). Multiple authors may be added.
    Authors field.
  6. Add a listing page image.
  7. Add a Teaser amount of information to display on the listing page.


  8. Add Content into the body field.
    Nested publication content field
  9. Save and Publish.

More on Nested publication articles

Nested articles will be referenced within Publication articles. They will be inserted into the body of the Publication article at cursor point.

When a Nested publication article displays, the Publication article will become grayed-out and the nested article will display in a new window on the right-hand side of the screen:Nested publication article popup