Publication articles can become the sub-navigation within an article. Each sub-navigation article will pull the first uploaded image within the article and display it along with its title.

Content type

sub-navigation article with headings


sub-navigation article zoology


Create a Sub-navigation article

  1. Open a Publication article in which you'd like to create sub-navigation articles.
  2. Under Sub-navigation articles enter Publication article title. Click Add another item to add multiple sub-navigation articles.
    Sub-navigation article field
    Ensure an image has been uploaded under the Upload image area in each sub-navigation article. This image will be used as the icon image. If multiple images have been uploaded, the first/top image will be selected (option to re-order). Images do not need to be inserted into content.
    Note: Icon image size is 64 x 64 px-wide, but uploaded image will shrink to fit display area.
  3. Adding Sub-navigation articles.
    When adding Sub-navigation articles, begin by adding the main article currently selected first. Then, add the rest of your publication articles in order (Note: order should be consistent with the order the Publication articles appear in). This means the title of the main article will be listed in field "1", as well as among the sub-navigation articles that will appear as icons, i.e., among fields "2" through "7".
    Sub navigation items
    Each article will need to have the group of sub-navigation articles added to them. For consistent navigation, these sub-navigation articles should be arranged in the same order when added to each article in the grouping.
    Icons for each sub-navigation article will be displayed above and below the article body content.
  4. Save and Publish.