This inserts a list with 5 quick links in the Sidebar complementary content area of a page. Alternatively, quick links can be added to your site as a Promotional item. Use with caution; improper use will cause usability issues.

Edit the text and link for each quick link, and ensure you remove any quick links not in use. You can add additional quick links, but a maximum of 7 quick links per page is recommended.

Quick link colours will reflect the faculty, college, or school with which your site is associated. A black version of quick links is also available by selecting the Quick links (black) template.

Adding quick links to the sidebar complementary content area

  1. From the Administration bar click My Workbench.
  2. Select the Create/Manage Content tab and select a content type in which you will insert the quick links.
  3. Scroll down to Sidebar complementary content area. Select the Template button from the Toolbar.

    Template icon in editing tool bar.
  4. Select the Quick links template from the list of templates.

    Content Templates box.
  5. A list with 5 quick links (in your site's theme colour) will be inserted.

    Five inserted Quick links.
  6. Edit the link text for each quick link. Edit the link for each quick link by selecting the link text and clicking the Link button in the Toolbar. Select the necessary Link type for each link path.

    Linking highlighted text Quick links title.
  7. To add another quick link place your cursor at the end of your link text and hit Enter. A grey box appears.

    Adding new Quick links field.
  8. Type link text into grey box.

    Adding name of Quick links menu link.
  9. Select the link text and click the Link button in the Toolbar. Select the necessary Link type for the link path.

    Highlighting and linking new Quick links title.
  10. The grey box will be replaced with the site-specific colour.

    The new Quick links menu link.
  11. To erase a quick link delete the link text, and then the grey box by using the Backspace key until your cursor sits at the end of the previous quick link.
  12. Once published, your quick links will display in the sidebar complementary content area of your page.

    Published quick links.