Scheduling options enables Content Editors and Site Managers to publish and/or unpublish content at a set date and time (in 15 minute increments and 24-hour clock format). This functionality is available for new content that has never been previously published.

  • Scheduling options should only be used to publish and/or unpublish future content.
  • If content is scheduled in the past or present, changes will instead take effect during the next 15 minute increment.
  • Also, the content unpublish date should fall after the publish date.

Examples of use

  • An unpublished news item welcoming an incoming faculty member is set to publish on the first day of the next academic term.
  • A published special alert about a snow day closure is set to unpublish at 12 am on the following day.
  • An unpublished promotional item calling for proposals is set to publish four months before the conference date and unpublish two months after it is published.

Content types

Scheduling options functionality is available for the following content types:

  • Blog Post
  • Contact
  • Custom Listing Page
  • Event
  • Home Page Banner
  • Image Gallery
  • News Item
  • Person Profile
  • Project
  • Promotional Item
  • Service
  • Special Alert
  • Web Page

It is not available for Site Footer and Web Form content types.

Moderation states

When using Scheduling options, there are only two moderation states: Draft and Published.

  • When content is scheduled to be published, set to Draft state.
  • When content is scheduled to be unpublished, set to Published state.
  • When content is scheduled to be published and unpublished, set to Draft state.

Please ensure to set the moderation state on the New/Edit draft page before clicking the Save button.


Create content using the Web page content type and schedule it to be published and unpublished.

  1. Select My Workbench under the black Administration bar.
  2. Click the Create/Manage Content tab.
  3. Select Web Page.
  4. Select +Add web page.
  5. Complete the required fields (and other related fields).

    1. Enter page title in the Title field.

    2. Enter content in the Body field.

  6. In Menu settings place the page in the desired place in the site hierarchy and choose whether or not to display it as a menu item.
  7. Select Scheduling options.
    Scheduling options configuration.
  8. Set the date and time to publish and unpublish the content.

    1. Under Publish on, enter the Date and Time you want the content to be published.
      Publish On date and time fields.

    2. Under Unpublished on, enter the Date and Time you want the content to be unpublished.
      Unpublish on date and time fields.

  9. Select Publishing options and ensure Moderation state field is set to Current: Draft.
    Moderation state set to draft.

  10. Save


  • To publish only, complete Date and Time fields under 'Publish on' (leave fields under 'Unpublish on' empty).
  • To unpublish only, complete Date and Time fields under 'Unpublish on' (leave fields under Publish on empty). Save and publish the content.
  • The date format (e.g., 2015-03-31) is YYYY-MM-DD; year-month-day.
  • The time format (e.g., 16:30:00) is 24-hour, in 15 minute increments (i.e. 00, 15, 30, or 45), and seconds is not editable (set to zero).