Content Maintainers can create Services that will populate the Services listing page (Service Catalogue). The Service content type is available by default - you will need to enable it in the main menu to see your Services listing page.

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  1. Create a new Service.
    1. Select My Workbench in the black Administration bar.
    2. Select the Create/Manage Content tab.
    3. Click Service.
      Service link.
    4. Click Add service.
  2. Enter the Service Name. Service name field.
  3. Select a value for Service status.
    Service status
  4. Enter a Description for the service that is being offered.
    Service description field.
  5. Select a Service category.
    Service category
  6. Optionally, enter the specific services that are available.What's available field.
  7. Select Who can use this service (consult adding service categories to add or remove service categories).Who can use this service field.
  8. Optionally, enter how users can request the service.How to request this service.
  9. Optionally, enter the Minimum notice required for the service, and the Average length of time to complete the request in the respected text fields.
    Minimum notice and average time length fields.
  10. Optionally, enter the Cost of the service.Service cost field.
  11. Optionally, enter how users can seek Support for this service.Support for this service.
  12. Enter the Service hours.Service hours fields.
    • Note: by clicking Add more users can add another row of hours, for example, if the service is closed over lunch time.
      Adding more hours on Wednesday.
  13. Enter any days when the service is closed (example, University holidays or temporary closures).Days when the service will be closed.
    • Another day when the service is closed can be added by clicking Add another item.
  14. Enter any changes to the regular hours (example, extended or shortened hours due to a holiday).Field to add or adjust for special hours.
    • Another change to the regular hours can be added by clicking Add another item.
  15. Optionally, enter any notes that users may find helpful regarding hours.
    Notes on this service.
  16. Add Service location.Service location fields.
    • Use the location lookup to select a campus building. Note: the remaining fields, except for additional, will populate.
    • If the building is not in location lookup, manually enter the information. Note: the map link will only generate if the latitude and the longitude are entered.
  17. Optionally, enter a Service owner, Business contacts, and/or Tags.

    Note: These fields will remain hidden from your users.
    Screenshot of the Service Owner, Business Contacts, and Tags section.
  18. Optionally, insert Sidebar complementary content or Sidebar related links.
  19. Save.
  20. Publish.

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