Shortcut module provides a toolbar to which Site Managers can add links. This is useful for creating links to common-used actions or Web pages within your site.

Adding links to the default Shortcut bar

You can add shortcuts to the ‘Default’ Shortcut bar that every content maintainer on your site will see (they will only see the shortcuts that they have access to).

  1. From the Administration bar, click Dashboard.
    Dashboard in the administration bar.
  2. Select Shortcuts from the Site management menu.
  3. Click list links for the Default shortcut bar.
    List links.
  4. Click Add shortcut.
    Add shortcut link.
  5. Enter a Name and Path for the shortcut.
    Shortcut naming and URL path.
  6. Save.
  7. Save changes.

Some sections of the site have a function to quickly add to the default Shortcut bar.

Select the + button to add the Default shortcuts.

Add Menus to shortcuts button.

You can also easily remove items using this function.

Removing Menus from shortcut bar.

Rearranging items in the Shortcuts bar

  1. Choose Shortcuts from the Dashboard.
  2. Click list links for the desired Shortcut bar.
    List links link.
  3. Drag items to the desired order using the four-point arrow.
    Four-point arrow icon.
  4. Click Save changes.

Creating a new Shortcut bar

Site Managers can create a custom Shortcut bar that can be assigned to users. Tip: create a custom shortcut that takes a content maintainer directly into Edit draft of a page they frequently need to update.

  1. Click on Dashboard from the Administration toolbar.
  2. Select Shortcuts from the Site Management menu.
  3. Click Add shortcut set.
    Add shortcut set button.
  4. Give the shortcut set a Set name.
    Shortcut set name.
  5. Select Create new set.

Note: Your new shortcut set will be a copy of whatever you have in the Default shortcut bar. You can then add and remove items to this new shortcut bar.

Assigning a new shortcut bar to a user

  1. Click on People from the Administration bar.
  2. Select a user.
  3. Click on the Shortcuts tab.Shortcut tab.
  4. Select a Shortcut set for the user, and click Change set.