What is a Single page site?

Single page sites are a Waterloo Content Management System (WCMS) responsive template to support:

  • a marketing initiative or campaign,
  • highlight initiatives, or
  • or be used for program promotion.

Single page sites do not have a menu structure and are not meant to replace full WCMS sites.

See other WCMS single page sites and the guidelines for use.

Where to begin

  1. Configure your Single page site.
  2. Start populating your Single page with blocks and other content.

Supported content types


Looking for more content types? Check out which content types are available for each site template. 

Content not supported

Known issues:

  • An Embedded Timeline is available on Single page sites when it is the only embedded piece of content on the Single page home (ex. not compatible with Embedded Call To Actions, Embedded Facts and Figures, and Image galleries).
  • Within Single page sites, bulleted and numbered list items are left-justified and do not have bullet or number indicators.
  • Expandable/collapsable content is only available on the Single page home, and is not supported on web pages.