In the Single page home content type, site maintainers are able to configure the home page settings, as well as create and manage the Block types that will display on the home page of the site.

  1. The Title of the website will have already been entered by a WCMS admin and should not be edited by a site maintainer.

    Title field
  2. A Banner image or Video banner will be entered by a WCMS admin as a placeholder, but will need to be replaced by a site maintainer.

    Note: Video banners will not appear if a device has a display that falls below a certain width. For example, video banners will not appear on mobile devices such as iPads/tablets or cellphones.

    Single page homepage banner image upload field
  3. Enter a Caption (optional) to display on the Banner image.

    Caption edit box.
  4. Add content to the Body. Body content will sit above Blocks.
  5. Use Block types to display additional content in a specific manner on the home page.

Adding Blocks to the home page

Home page content can be added to the site using various Block types. There is no limit to the number of blocks that may be used, and they can be arranged in any order. 

Copy block: a free-formed text area to display embeds and widgets, or content that will not fit within existing Block types.

Marketing block: to display background images overlaid with quotes.

Options blocks: a linked image to direct users to a specific piece of content or website.

Quicklinks block: display an icon and title with multiple quicklinks.

Remote events block: events can be pulled in from other WCMS sites to display on your home page.

Content that can be created in these Blocks includes:

  1. Save.
  2. Publish.