The Copy block may be used to display content that will not display in other Block types. The area functions similarly to a web page, so site maintainers have several options for formatting this content, or embedding social media widgets.

Embedded timelines or Embedded facts and figures will need to be embedded into a copy block in order to display on the home page. Please note: Embedded timelines and Embedded facts and figures must first be created before being embedded into this copy area.

copy block cta

Create a Copy block

  1. Select Copy block from the Block type drop down list.
    Copy block selection from Block type list.
  2. Add an Anchor link title to be used in the navigation block (optional).
    Single page copy block anchor field
    Note: Anchor link references may contain only alphanumeric characters and underscores (no special characters or spaces).
  3. Enter the Title of the Copy block.
    Single page copy block title
  4. Enter content in the Copy area.
    Copy block content field
  5. Select Remove to delete existing Copy block, or Add another Block to create another block.
  6. Save and Publish.