The Heading block may be used to display a title, icon, and fact/figure with an optional image.

  1. Select Heading block from the Block type drop down list, and select Add another Block.
  2. Optionally, enter the Anchor link that will be used in the navigation block.
    Single page block anchor field
    Note: Anchor link references may contain only alphanumeric characters and underscores (no special characters or spaces).
  3. Enter the title for the block in the Block title field.
    Single page block title field
  4. Optionally, upload a Heading image and/or an Icon image to be displayed in the Heading block.
    Heading image
    1. For the Heading image, click and drag the crosshair to target the most important portion.
      Heading block image crosshairs
    2. Enter the alternative text for the image (Note: both the Heading image and Icon image will require alternative text).
      Alternative text field
  5. Enter the Fact and Figure ID by entering the node ID (number only) for your fact and figure.
    Facts and figures field
  6. Save and Publish.

Note: Select Remove to delete an existing Heading block, or Add another Block to create another block.