The Options block can be used to direct users to internal or external URLs.

single page option block sample

  1. Select the Options block from the Block type list.
    Options block selection from Block type list.
  2. Enter a Block title.
    block title
  3. Enter the Title and URL of the link text.
    Link and URL field
  4. Enter a Link description (optional). This text will overlay the image.
    Link description
  5. Enter a Background image (optional). If no image is added a grey box will be displayed. All images will be scaled and cropped to the centre of the image. If only one block is created, it should be at least 1000 pixels wide. Background images should not contain text.
    Options block background image
  6. Select the appropriate colour theme from the Colouring list. This will add a colour overlay to your image.
    Colouring drop down menu.
  7. Add another Option allows you to add additional blocks. They will appear next to each other, to a maximum of three per line. For consistency of block display height, it is recommend that all blocks either have, or do not have, an uploaded background image.