Use the Quicklinks block to add links to your home page, which will sit beneath an icon image and title.

single page quick links block

  1. Select the Quicklinks block from the Block type list.
    Quicklinks block selected from the Block type list.
  2. Enter the Block title.
    Block title field
  3. Select Add new Quicklink set. Each set will appear as its own column of links on the home page. We recommend attempting to ensure each set has the same number of links, for display consistency.
  4. Upload an Icon image. Image must be 130 x 130 pixels.
    Icon image fields
  5. Enter the Link section title.
    Quicklinks block Link section title field.
  6. Add a link(s). Enter the link Title and URL.
    Link and URL field
  7. Click Add another item to add additional links to the set.
  8. Select Add another Quicklink set to add a new column of links to the home page.
  9. Save and Publish.