Use the Events block to add upcoming events to your Single page site. Events within the WCMS can be added, as well as non-WCMS events. Events will remain in place until manually archived or deleted by a Site manager. 

single page events block

  1. Select an Event type from the Block type list, a WCMS event or a non-WCMS event.
    Events block type
  2. Enter the Block title.
    Block title field
  3. Enter the Event URL.
    For remote WCMS events: the URL must be for an event within the WCMS; the URL will pre-populate much of the information required, though you will be able to edit it.
    Event URL
  4. Edit/add the Event title if necessary.
    Event title field
  5. Edit/add the Event date if necessary.
    Event date
  6. The Add another item button is not currently working. To add another event click Add another event at the bottom of the block.
  7. Enter the Event teaser. This is a brief description of the event that will appear in the event block.
    Event teaser
  8. Optionally, enter the Event cost.

    Note: If the event is free, you do not need to enter 0, it can remain blank.
    The event cost field.
  9. Click Add another event to add more events.
    Add another event. button.
  10. Save and Publish.