The Site footer by default contains your Site name which links to your homepage. Site managers should edit the Site footer to add more information.

Your Site footer is the same across the entire website; in the same way that the local navigation is consistent across your website.

A Site footer is simply an informative footer. It can contain links as well as categories for these links.

The footer should contain:

  • The logo for the area that you are affiliated with.
  • A link to provide website feedback.

Links should include:

  • Contact [Department / Unit / Service Name]
  • Work for [Department / Unit / Service Name] – This should list current opportunities and link to the Human Resources website for other job opportunities.

Links should include, if relevant:

  • Support [Department / Unit / Service Name]
  • Visit [Department / Unit / Service Name]
    • The landing page for this should include your location and building code.

See notes on other site templates.

Create a Site footer

  1. From the Administration bar select My Workbench.
  2. Click on Create/Manage Content tab.
  3. Click Site footer link.
  4. Site footer heading remains: Site footer.
  5. In the body field click the templates button.
  6. Choose a template.
  7. Add text and links and a link to provide website feedback in the last column.
  8. Choose a logo from the drop down menu. You can choose the Faculty, Department, School or Institution logo you are affiliated with or choose your site name or the University of Waterloo logo.Logo field.
  9. Add social media icons (optional) by filling in the fields under Social media with the appropriate details.
    Site footer social media fields
  10. Save and Publish.

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