How to configure a Mattermost or Slack integration

Site Managers can configure an integration that provides notification via Mattermost or Slack when content is put in needs review status and/or published or when a web form submission is made.

Set up Mattermost for the integration

This assumes that you have already set up your own Mattermost team. If not you can submit a request to to request access.

  1. In your team, if you have the right access, the hamburger menu will have an “integrations” menu item. (If not, you’ll have to submit an RT to gain access, or ask someone with access to do the configuration.)
  2. From the hamburger menu, select "Integrations".
  3. From there, choose “incoming webhooks” and click “add incoming webhook”.

  4. From the add screen, select a channel, and optionally add a title and description, then click “save”.

  5. You’ll then get your webhook URL. You can copy and paste this URL into the WCMS site’s Slack/Mattermost config (see instructions below).

  6. Once you hit “done” you can just select the “back to Mattermost” link, assuming you don’t want to set up any more hooks.

Set up Slack for the integration

This assumes that you have already set up your own Slack team. If you need to set up a Slack team visit

  1. Open your Slack's Apps and Integrations. (If you're using the desktop app, this will open Slack in your browser.) 
  2. Choose Manage in the top right.
  3. Search the App Directory for "Incoming WebHooks".
  4. Select "Add Configuration".
  5. Choose a channel where your Incoming Webhook will post messages to.
  6. Select "Add Incoming WebHooks integration".
  7. Copy the Webhook URL from the configuration page.

Configure your WCMS site to use the integration

  1. In the Dashboard select Slack/Mattermost options from the Site Management section.
  2. Paste in the Webhook URL.
  3. Choose the types of notifications you'd like to receive.
  4. Select Save configuration