Site Managers can view and manage all users who have access to their site and add new users.

Adding a uWaterloo user (WatIAM)

  1. Click People from the Administration toolbar.
  2. Click Add uWaterloo user.
  3. Enter their 8-character CAS username (WatIAM userid).
  4. Click Create new account.
  5. You will get a confirmation that the account has been created.
  6. Click on the uwuserid link.
    Screenshot - clicking on the userid link in the dialogue box.
  7. Click the Edit tab.
  8. E-mail address will automatically be set to (edit this address if incorrect/not the preferred address).
  9. Leave password blank (they will use their WatIAM credentials to log in).
  10. Select a Role (site manager, content editor, content author).
  11. Optionally, set an Expiry date.
  12. Confirm or enter First name and Last name.
  13. Set the Time zone to America/Toronto.
  14. Save.

Adding a local account (for a test user or non-UW user)

Site Managers may wish to create a local account for testing and support of Content Authors and Content Editors.

  1. Click People from the Administration toolbar.
  2. Click Add external/test user.
  3. Enter a unique Username.

    Note: Do not emulate the uWaterloo userid naming conventions.
  4. Enter an Email address.
  5. Enter and confirm a strong Password.
  6. Select a Role.
  7. Optionally, set an Expiry date.
  8. Select Notify user of new account.
    Screenshot of selecting the Notify user checkbox.
  9. Click Create new account.

    • The new user will receive an email from with the subject line ‘An administrator created an account for you at Zoology’.  The link to log in will expire in 24 hours or after the log in button is pressed.
    • Clicking on the top link in the email will bring the user to a one-time log in screen where they are prompted to change their password.

Accessing a website with a local account

  1. To log in to the site with a local account, enter /user at the end of the URL, e.g. (The email will identify the URL to log in.)
  2. Click Log in locally.
  3. Enter your Username and Password.
  4. Click Log in.

Removing a User’s role(s)

When a user leaves your area you will need to edit their account and remove their role(s) so that they can no longer edit content.

  1. Edit the user account.
  2. Uncheck all roles they had been assigned.
  3. Save.

Note: By removing their role(s) they will no longer be able to create or edit content on your site. We don't allow blocking of users (this would interfere with authenticated access for site visitors, e.g. web forms) or deleting users (content associated with that user would become disassociated from their account, labeled instead as being created by 'Anonymous', and not their user ID).