Use the Form settings sub-tab to configure other aspects of the Web form, including:

  1. Click on the Form settings sub-tab.Form settings tab.

Submission settings

Confirmation message - allows you to set a message the user will see on their screen once the form has been submitted. The default message is "Thank you, your submission has been received."Confirmation message

Redirection location - allows you to determine where the user is directed upon form submission. Options are:

  • Confirmation page - A confirmation of submission message will be displayed to the user on its own page.
  • Custom URL - Enter a URL the user will be directed to upon form submission.
  • No redirect (reload current page) -the user will not see a confirmation of submission message or page. The Web form remains on the screen, but fields are refreshed and appear empty.
  • Total submissions limit - allows you to limit the total number of permitted submissions.
  • Per user submission limit - allows you to limit the number of submission per user. A user is identified by their user login if logged-in, or by their IP Address and Cookie if anonymous. 
  • Status of this form - set the form as Open or Closed. Closing a form prevents any further submissions by any users.

Submission access

Allows you to set permissions to determine which roles are permitted to submit the form.

  • Anonymous user refers to users who are not logged-in.
  • Authenticated user refers to users who are logged-in.
  • Select both if everyone should be able to complete the form.

Forms for on-campus users should require that the user be an Authenticated user. Forms for external users, such as prospective students, should only allow the Anonymous user.

To limit submissions to specific campus groups see Web Form Submission access.

Progress bar

Progress bar style - the progress bar appears at the top of each page in the form, with the exception of the first page. Each page of the form corresponds to a dot and label on the progress bar, and any dot corresponding to a page before the current one will be filled in green. The progress bar is by default visible, but can be disabled by unchecking Show progress bar.

Labels attributed to pages by the progress bar can also be customized:

  • Show page number as number of completed: Displays progress as a number of pages before the current page to a number of pages after the current page.
  • Show percentage completed: Displays progress as a percentage of pages before the current page and total pages.
  • Show page labels from break components: Will display the title of each corresponding page break.
    • First page label - allows users to customize the label which shows at the beginning of the progress bar. The default label is “Start”.
  • Include confirmation page in progress bar: Includes the final submission page of the form in the progress bar.
    • Confirmation page label - allows users to customize the label which shows at the end of the progress bar. The default label is “Complete”.

Preview page

Allows users to preview their form results before submitting.

Advanced settings

  • Show Save draft button - allows users to save and finish the form later. This option is available for Authenticated users only.
  • Show the notification about previous submissions - displays a notification to users when they have previously submitted the Web form.

    You have already submitted to this form notification.

  • Confidential submissions - confidential submissions have no recorded IP address and must be submitted while logged out.

  • Submit button label - by default the submit button on the form will have the label Submit. Here you can enter a new label to override the default, i.e. Agree and Submit.

  • Next submission number - shows the value of the next submission number. Submissions will start at 1 and go up with each new submission, unless a submission is deleted.

  • Use CAPTCHA - Check the Use CAPTCHA box to enable the reCAPTCHA feature and help reduce automated submissions from anonymous users. If a user passes the CAPTCHA, they will not be asked to complete one again during that session. Logged-in users always bypass the CAPTCHA.
  1. Click Save Configuration.

    Save component button.