"Submission access" allows form editors to make it so that only people who are part of a certain group may complete a Web Form. For example, a Web Form might be available only to students or only to staff.

You can use Submission access (users must log in to access the form) to collect data without asking for it within the form.

  • If Submission access is used the form will display a message asking them to log in.
  • After they log in they can complete the form.
  • Web form editors can download the results to Excel at which time the form will pull in information about them (Username, UW userid, First name, Last name, Department, Email, Phone, Office).

Open authentication

By default, only people involved in site management can log in; this is called "Closed Authentication". On a site with "Open Authentication", anyone with a WatIAM username can log in (they still won't be able to edit the site unless they are given that permission).

If you want to use Submission access, you need to set your site to Open Authentication then choose the groups that will have access to each Web Form that you want to restrict (by default, everyone can complete every Web Form). 

  1. The website lead will need to submit a request asking for Open Authentication to be enabled.

After Open Authentication has been enabled on the site, a Form Editor for the site will need to edit each Web Form to choose the group(s) that can submit to that form (see below for available groups). To determine access groups:

  1. Go to My Workbench.
  2. Select Create/Manage Content.
  3. Select Web form.Selecting web form.
  4. Select the web form you would like to edit.Selecting a web form to edit.
  5. Go to the Webform tab.Selecting the Wed form tab.
  6. Select Form settings.Selecting the Form settings sub-tab.
  7. Under Roles that can submit to this webform:
    1. Uncheck anonymous user and authenticated userUnchecking authenticated user and anonymous user.
    2. Check the appropriate group(s) you would like to have access to this form. There are only four available groups: uWaterloo student, uWaterloo faculty, uWaterloo staff and uWaterloo alumni.Selecting the appropriate authentication group.

Note: People who have logged-in to complete a form will show up in the sites admin list of “People” (only Site Managers see this).

Available groups

All people currently employed by UW including temporary, contract, casual, etc., but not faculty.
(security group = IdM-HR-employee & security group ≠ IdM-HR-faculty)
All UW faculty.
(security group = IdM-HR-faculty)
All currently enrolled students.
(security group = idM-SA-student)
All UW alumni.
(security group = IdM-alumni)