To access the Web form content type, a user must have the ‘form editor role’, ‘form results role’, or both roles added to their account.

  • Only a System Administrator can add the form editor role. This request must come from the website lead. Submit a request to have this role added on your WCMS website. Site managers can now remove or change the expiry of the form editor role once it has been assigned to a user.
  • Site Managers can add the form results role to a user’s account.

Web form tabs are located below the web form’s Heading 1:

Web form tabs.

Different roles have access to different Web form tabs:

Form Editor role: ability to create, edit and delete their own and all content (Webform tab).

View, Edit, Web form and Clone content tabs.

Form Results Access role: ability to view the form results/submissions (Results tab) for all Webforms with normal access.

Note: Site Managers with the Form Editor role can assign granular form results access to further restrict access to form results.

View and Results tabs.

Both roles: ability to create, edit and delete their own and all content and view form results/submissions (both Webform and Results tabs) with normal access.

All web form tabs.

Web form tab functions


Displays your form. It is recommended that you add form components and then view what they will look like in this area. See How to view and publish a web form for more instruction.


Allows you to make edits/changes to the basic pieces of a Web form, including Heading, Body text, and Menu settings. This is also where to publish the Web form. See Creating a Web form for instructions under Edit tab.


Allows you to add and edit form components. You will build your form using the component types in this area. See How to add form components for instruction under Web form tab.


Allows you to view the results of your Web form.

Results page and sub tabs.

5 sub-tabs exist under the Results tab:

  • Submissions

Displays a list of results including the date and time submitted, user, and IP address. Each form will be numbered according to the order it was submitted (ascending from 1). You can also View or Delete (only for Site Managers) a result.

  • Analysis

Displays the analysis of submitted data, such as the number per component, calculations, and averages. You can adjust the analysis display by adding analysis components.

  • Table

Displays the Web form results in a table format.

  • Download

Allows you to download or export the Web form results as Microsoft Excel file or and delimited text.

  • Clear

Allows you to delete all submissions for the form. This action cannot be undone. Only Site Managers can complete this action.

  • Clone content

This tab allows you to clone (copy) an existing form. To use, open the existing form you want to clone, select the Clone content tab and then Save the cloned form. You can proceed to edit your cloned form using the Webform tab.