Web pages have main and sidebar content areas or they can be set as a wide (full width) web page.

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Create a Web page

  1. Create a Web page.
    1. Select My Workbench under the black Administration bar.
      My Workbench link in the administration bar.
    2. Select the Create/Manage Content tab.
      Create/Manage content tab.
    3. Click Web page.
      Web page link.
    4. Click +Add Web page.
      Add web page button.
  2. Enter the Title of web page.Web page title field.
  3. Add content under Body.
  4. Add sidebar complementary content (optional).
    1. Add content on the sidebar by using the WYSIWYG editor.
    2. Note: the sidebar can also be used to place "Promotional items" content type (Site Managers only).
    3. Note: the sidebar content is narrow and therefore certain content cannot be accommodated within the sidebar. This includes YouTube videos.
      Sidebar complementary content field.
  5. Adding sidebar related links (optional)
    1. Add Link text and URL in their respective fields.
    2. Click Add another item to add additional related links.
      Add another item button.
  6. Adding images and files.
    1. Click Upload an image to browse for and upload for images. Note: The cursor must be placed where you wish to insert the image.
      Upload photo field
    2. Click Upload a file to browse for and upload a file.

      Note: the cursor must be placed where you wish to insert a link to the file.

      Note: all URLs default to lowercase formatting regardless of file name formatting.
      1. The file type must also be included in the file link text.
        Upload a file textfield.
  7. Select the audience (optional)
    1. Audience terms adds keywords to your page, which increases search engine optimization.
    2. Select Audience terms if the page you are creating is for a particular audience. Note: Do not tag everyone, only specific audiences.
      Audience options.
  8. Set the Parent item (site hierarchy)
    1. Select a page under parent item to place your web page in the site hierarchy.
      Parent item options.
    2. Click Add menu link if you wish to have the web page appear on the main menu on the left-hand side of your website.
      Web page menu settings.
  9. URL path settings.
    1. The Web page automatically generates a URL based on the page Heading and its place in the site hierarchy.
    2. Unselect Generate automatic URL alias if you wish to enter a custom URL alias. NOTE: Do not add a trailing backslash (/) to the alias or the URL will not work.
      URL path settings.
  10. Save.
  11. Publish.
    Changing moderation state to published.

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