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WCMS responsive design

This mobile-first approach to responsive design provides site visitors with an optimal viewing experience; whether browsing from a desktop, tablet or smartphone device, site content is clean, simple, and easy to navigate. 

Available now - See the guidelines for use and how-to documents.

Non-responsive (legacy) WCMS is now deprecated; sites should migrate to the responsive design.

A cut-off date has been set for migrating all WCMS non-responsive sites to the responsive design. If sites are not migrated by August 31, 2017, they will be automatically migrated.

Refined brand implementation

Over the next several months, you’ll start to see the visual design from our refined brand guidelines being implemented across several of our responsive WCMS themes.  

Making your WCMS site responsive

Requests to make current WCMS sites responsive can be submitted by the point of contact via the Request Tracker (RT) system.

After we receive your request, we will confirm the details and set a schedule for the conversion. On the scheduled date, a copy of your site will be moved to our staging server. The point of contact (POC) will need to arrange for the content to be reviewed in the new design to ensure an optimal viewing experience for site visitors (see Tips for migrating to the responsive template).

New WCMS sites

New WCMS sites will be created in the responsive design.


WCMS Publications is a mobile-friendly, responsive template specifically designed for digital versions of University of Waterloo publications including newsletters, reports and magazines.

Publication websites are built using Drupal (WCMS), and while they look quite different, the content maintainer interface is similar to regular WCMS websites. 

Available now (April 11, 2016) - See the guidelines for use and how-to documents.

Single page sites

A WCMS responsive template to support a marketing initiative or campaign, highlight initiatives, or be used for program promotion. Single page sites do not have a menu structure and are not meant to replace full WCMS sites.

Available now (October 19, 2016) - See the guidelines for use and how-to documents.

Conference sites

This responsive template allows conference attendees to quickly and easily check everything from event locations and speakers to session times and descriptions across multiple devices.

Available now (December 6, 2016) - See the guidelines for use and how-to documents.

UWaterloo Scholar

Personal websites for faculty and researchers account for a significant footprint of UW web. Development using the OpenScholar Drupal distribution developed by Harvard has begun. These sites will be offered as Software as a Service (SaaS).
Available now (March 22, 2017) - See the how-to documents

Redesigned Home site

Working closely with UW Brand Refinement Project Team in 2016 to align new web design with new UW Brand Strategy.
Released November 22, 2016