Additional learning resources

Web Dev Rev

The WCMS development team hosts a regular Web Dev Rev meeting on Fridays in EC2 1021 (Millennium) at 11:00am to discuss items of interest, answer developer questions, and watch training videos/webcasts. If you are interested in attending these meetings, please let us know.

Developer 1-on-1s

WCMS developer drop-in labs have been replaced with WCMS developer 1-on-1s. Developer 1-on-1s will take place in the EC2 building. There is no longer a fixed schedule – instead, fill in our form, and we’ll arrange to get you together with a WCMS developer.

If you’re developing for the WCMS, or want to start, and are stuck, in need of guidance, or aren’t sure how to do things “the WCMS way”, you can get help by signing up to meet with a member of the WCMS developer team. Everyone is welcome – it doesn’t matter if you’re full time or part time, contract or coop. External developers are encouraged to work on projects that may be integrated with the central build or deployed to specific sites.

University of Waterloo faculty, staff and graduate students can now access web based training from using their WatIAM credentials. has many Drupal tutorials, and the IST-WCMS playlist will answer questions like: What is responsive design? What is Drupal, and why do we use it? How do I create and maintain an effective website within the WCMS?

Waterloo Region Drupal Users Group

The Waterloo Region Drupal Users Group holds monthly meetings, except for July, August and December. Attendance is free. They meet on the third Thursday of each month, from 19:00 to 21:00.

The meetings are held at The Working Centre which is located at 58 Queen St. S. Kitchener, Ontario.

There is extensive documentation available on, both in the primary documentation section and on individual module pages.

Join the ‘Campus Web’ channel on Mattermost

The "Campus IT team” on Mattermost includes a “Campus Web” channel, replacing the old UWWeb slack team.

Join the Campus IT team at - it's a place for IT staff across campus to chat and collaborate.

You can run Mattermost from any web browser, but to really get its benefits you should get the app which is at (under Mattermost Mobile & Desktop Apps).

Accessibility (A11Y)

A good resource for accessible components is the A11Y Style Guide. It has a number of examples of how to make different components (like checkboxes, etc.) accessible.

When all else fails...

Performing a Google search for "Drupal" plus the thing you are trying to do can work wonders. :)