Graded browser support

Availability and access to content is our priority. Everyone who visits a WCMS site should be able to consume as much as their browser is able to support.

The WCMS uses a graded browser support approach. Graded browser support allows us to focus on site content and use progressive enhancement to allow most browsers to improve the user’s website experience. With this approach, different web browsers receive different levels of support.

We call the group of browsers that we primarily support our “A-grade” browsers. If you use any of these browsers you should be able to reliably use and experience our WCMS websites.

If your browser does not fall into this category, you can consult the following table (or read the full browser support document (PDF)) to see the level of support available for your browser.

While we encourage the use of modern, reliable, safe browsers, we understand that some circumstances may not allow it. If you are in this situation, feel free to contact us. However, as outlined in the browser support document, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to address your challenge.

Level of support provided to browsers in each grade
  A-Grade browsers B-Grade browsers Other browsers
Support by team Full Limited None
Test by team Full (before release) Not automatic No
Bug fix by team Yes (ASAP) Yes (at some point) No
Which browsers are in which grade
Vendor A-Grade browsers B-Grade browsers
Apple Safari1 and Mobile Safari1,2 Safari 10.x, Mobile Safari on iOS102
BlackBerry None 10.x
Google Chrome1 None
Mozilla Firefox1, latest Firefox ESR, Firefox version distributed by IST; desktop, phone, and tablet None
Microsoft Edge1 IE 11; desktop

1 Latest stable version
2 Mobile Safari versions are ambiguous, later versions often tied to iOS versions

There are two lists of browsers, A-Grade browsers and B-Grade browsers; "Other browsers" refers to any browser or version not on either list.

The WCMS administrative interface, used by content authors, editors, and site managers, is supported only on A-Grade versions of Firefox and Chrome.