Get to know WUSA - July 30, 2021

Friday, July 30, 2021

WUSA - We want to hear from you!

We've introduced your Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA) already, but do you REALLY know them?! Keep reading for everything you need to know and more.

About WUSA

students participating in on-campus eventsYour Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA) is the official collective voice and legal representative of undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo. As a Waterloo undergrad, you are automatically a WUSA member. That is great news because there are lots of perks to being a member.

We are all about community! Helping you find and settle into a campus community that supports you through your time at Waterloo is what we do best. Whoever you are and whatever your interests, WUSA’s array of services, clubs, and events are sure to help you create lasting memories beyond the classroom.

Our services, Racial Advocacy for Inclusion, Solidarity, and Equity (RAISE)The Women’s Centre (WC), and The Glow Centre for Sexual and Gender Diversity (Glow) are focused on maintaining and expanding our culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. They organize educational events, provide learning experiences, and offer peer-to-peer support to students in a safe, welcoming environment.WUSA has many more services in addition to over 200 clubs ranging from karaoke to bike riding. You can even start your own club and get support to grow your student community! We're always looking out for you, sharing different ways to make your transition here seamless, and your time here memorable. Check out our new student page to access resources, information, and tips to navigate your first few days, weeks, and beyond.

We're excited you chose Waterloo and look forward to meeting you soon.

Get your WUSA box!

sample WUSA boxTo show how excited we are, we have reserved a welcome gift for you; our famous WUSA Box with the coolest swag and memorabilia from the University, faculties, and community partners. 

Get your WUSA Box pronto! Sign up before August 19 to pick it up on campus. We can also mail yours if you're out of the province or country.


Visit our welcome page for regular updates and follow us on Facebook InstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn to stay connected.

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