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Jonathan S. Price

Jonathan S. Price


Jonathan leads the Wetlands Hydrology Research Laboratory as the primary investigator for several NSERC and industry funded projects. He teaching courses on hydrology supervises graduate and undergraduate level research into wetlands. Jon's academic interests specializes in the hydrology of peat dominated wetlands, with a focus on peatland restoration and most recently on creating peatlands following oil sands extraction. His research examines how surface water, groundwater, water quality and carbon biogeochemistry respond to disturbances, and if these functions can be recreated. Jon has pioneered work on contaminant transport in peatlands, including solutes and hydrocarbons. He has authored and co-authored over 160 peer-reviewed journal articles on topics including soil-water physics, micrometeorology, water quality, contaminant transport, ecology, soil development as well as basin-scale hydrology of wetlands.


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