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Find here information and resources of high interest to graduate students in optometry and vision science. 

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WLRC Modules for Graduate Students

The WLRC offers a series of modules to support all Vision Science Graduate Students (MSc./PhD) at the School of Optometry and Vision Science. You may request to have a module run outside of the typical term schedule which is indicated in the brackets beside each module.

Upcoming Sessions

WLRC Module # Title


WLRC Module 1 WLRC Graduate Student Orientation  (Fall/Winter)
WLRC Module 2 Course Work and Research Support (Fall/Winter/Spring)
WLRC Module 3 UW Thesis Template and Technical Skills for Writing (Winter/Spring)
WLRC Module 4 Copyright, Fair Dealing and Author Rights (Spring)
WLRC Module 5 Data Gathering - Planning and Organization (Winter/Spring)
WLRC Module 6 Reviews and Systematic Searching (Fall/Spring)

Complimentary Workshops Can Taken Through the Writing and Communications Centre

Resources for Graduate Students

Clinical, research and teaching resources of interest to graduate students at the School of Optometry and Vision Science.

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