A banner including 14 photos of WiCS students at WiCS Orientation 2022

WiCS runs a number of events for undergraduates and graduate students that aim to raise awareness, enhance skills, and promote mentoring and community building. These events are often run in partnership with our WiCS Sponsors or with the WiCS undergraduate committee. Below are events that we run annually.

September WiCS Orientation January WiCS Con  May Resume Critique 
September Resume Critique January Resume Critique May/June Mock Interviews 
September/October Mock Interviews January/February Mock Interviews  June Responding to Everyday Biases
September/October Grace Hopper Celebration March Responding to Everyday Biases June Careers in Tech 
October Responding to Everyday Biases March Student/Industry Lunch  July Math/CS 101 (incoming students)
October/November CAN-CWIC         

On top of these, WiCS runs technical workshops, professional-development workshops, developer panels, end-of-term socials.  Be sure to stay up-to-date with our WiCS Calendar of Events.

All WiCS events are governed by the WiCS Code of Conduct.

I really enjoy WiCS events! They give me very insightful advice and it's also motivating to see that there are so many career opportunities in CS.

- Undergraduate CS Student