WiCS 2022 Orientation

WiCS Orientation 2022:

WiCS Orientation is a welcome event for first-year students to learn how to improve their university experience, learn how to help themselves advance in their careers, and to cultivate a network of friends and allies — people to study with and play with; who can provide advice in good times and in bad; who can refer them to opportunities or to their connections.  

As a woman in tech, it is especially important to have a network of technical girlfriends — whose experiences are like one’s own, who have similar interests and goals, and with whom one can vent frustrations and celebrate successes. 

Note: Speaker presentations are linked below, click on the Topic to view!

Orientation 2022 Schedule:





2:30 PM EST Introduction - WiCS What is WiCS- why do we do what we do, and why it is important! Joanne Atlee - Director of WiCS, Professor of Computer Science 
2:50  Portals 

Learn about student websites and platforms from the school (Quest, Learn, Portal, etc.), essential websites (course schedules, course outline browser etc.), and some external websites (like UWFlow). 

Khloe Ramdhan - 2nd-year Computer Science BBA 
3:00 Organizing Term w/ Notion

Learn about Notion! how to use it alongside your syllabi, input tasks and stay on top of the workload at university! Plus get a QR code to a custom notion template!

Claudia McComb - 2nd-year Computer Science
3:10 Side Projects All about side projects; what are they, why they are useful, and how to get started on one + examples! Anjali Gupta - 3rd-year Computer Science
3:20 Mental Health All about mental health and why it should be your number one priority throughout your university career. Yi Lin li - 2nd year BBA + BMATH & Shriya Kulkarni - 2nd-year Computer Science
3:30 Recovering From Failure Listen to the personal experiences of a UW student in her journey of failing courses, not getting a co-op, and the importance of mental health.  Yzabelle Perez - 2nd-year Computer Science
3:40 Snack Break! N/A N/A
4:30 How to Get Your 1st Co-op Learn about navigating your first applications, resumes, cover letters and interviews! Dora Su - 3rd-year Computer Science
4:50 How to Succeed in Co-op Learn about navigating your first co-op term, and how to get good reviews and a good experience.  Athena Liu - 4th-year Computer Science
5:00 Imposter Syndrome  Learn about calibrating one's progress against more experienced peers without feeling demotivated! Anneliese Wen - 5th-year Computer Science
5:10 Clubs Learn about what UW has to offer with its types of clubs (athletics, for fun, career-related, other skills, design teams). Plus learn how to connect with a club! Chang Liu - 4th-year Computational Math
5:20 Little WiCS Learn about the WiCS undergraduate committee; what we do and what resources are available to the students! + Getting involved with WiCS Kitty Li- 3rd-year Computer Science
5:30 PANEL  Join 5 Women in CS to discuss their first-year experience, co-op, classes, + a live Q&A Session! Get all of your burning questions answered!


1. Hanya Sakr (2nd-year SE)

2. Angel Liu (2nd-year CS)

3. Amanda Bishop (3rd-year SE)

4. Nada Elhossiny (2nd-year CSBBA)

5. Aastha Kotecha (2nd-year Math)

6:00 - 7:00 Dinner! N/A N/A