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What is GIRLsmarts4tech?

GIRLsmarts4tech is a free outreach program aimed at inspiring girls to explore technology. During the day-long workshop, girls will learn about various aspects of computer science, including mobile app design and programming, user interfaces, and how computer science applies in other fields and disciplines.

Event details

We are in the process of planning upcoming sessions. Stay tuned for further details about registration and the event.

Who should participate?

Grade 6 to 7 girls who have no programming experience and who are interested in learning computer science are encouraged to register for this event.

Workshop activities

Programming can be fun, educational, and easy to learn. In this activity, you will learn some basic concepts and will help to build an app that runs on a smartphone. See how easily and quickly you can start programming. What you can accomplish is limited only by your imagination.

User Experience and User Interface
Do you know why you like some apps more than others? Are you curious about why the Instagram home page is so cool? In the user experience and user interface activity, you use your creativity to learn how to design apps users love.


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