Women in Engineering at the University of Waterloo

logo of wie in purpleWomen in Engineering (WiE) at the University of Waterloo supports women and non-binary engineering students and alumni, while encouraging the next generation to pursue a future career in engineering. 

The WiE committee members come from a variety of backgrounds which helps meet the diverse needs of our audience. Since 1992 WiE has been providing resources, programs, and networking opportunities for women in engineering at Waterloo.

WiE is an inclusive community that encourages participation regardless of gender, orientation, or background. All are welcome to attend! 

  1. Dec. 2, 2022WiE Grad House Event

    We are almost finishing Fall term! Do you want to have some fun and meet other graduate students? WiE Graduate Student Committee has the fall event for you!

    Join us in the Grad House for a fun afternoon gathering. Meet your fellow engineering students, play some games, and win prizes! 

    Location: Grad House

    Time: 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

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