We GO.DEsign logoWhat is WE Go.DEsign?

WE Go.DEsign is a two day Engineering Design and Research Competition for women currently enrolled in grades 10 and 11 presented by the Goethe-Institut. The Grand Prize will be a language, engineering and culture trip to Germany! There are two elements to the competition, a Research Symposium and a Design Challenge. Each element will be judged by Goethe-Institut and University of Waterloo faculty and staff, with prizes awarded in each element.

Research Symposium Design Challenge

At the research symposium, you will present a research project that demonstrates a connection between Canadian and German innovation or engineering. Think of a science fair style set up! 

We don’t need you to solve a problem, write an essay, or invent something - we do want you to find a topic that you are interested in and learn more about it! How you display and demonstrate that knowledge is up to you. 

This project will need to be completed prior to the competition. Students will then be judged on their knowledge of the topic, their ability to discuss the relevance and benefits of their research, and the connection between Canada and Germany! Judging will happen on the competition day.

The design challenge will be a surprise and will occur on the competition day!

Prior to the competition you will receive a preparation package and materials (worth up to $75.00). Completing these preparation activities will prepare you for the day of competition. NOTE: these activities may not be a part of or predict the actual competition. These activities are designed to get you thinking and learning in the right direction.

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Event Dates 

The WE Go.DEsign event is currently closed for application. Check back for news of a return in 2019! 

How to Apply

We GO.DEsign participants 2015Female students are invited to apply for the competition in teams of two! If accepted, the cost is $50.00 per team. Partners do NOT need to go to the same school, be in the same grade, or even live in the same city (though being able to meet in person beforehand might be helpful!). You do need to have an interest in engineering, be attending high school in grade 10 or 11, and have an interest in travel/global impact! There are three main things you'll need to do for your application:

Select a Partner

It`s up to you to pick your partner! Once you have figured this out, you and your partner sign-up together! The registration form will ask for both your full names and e-mail addresses. Remember, if you win, you and your partner will travel to Germany together, so we recommend competing with someone you already know!​

Make a "Personal Interest Creation"

This is something that partners create to show us that they both really want to participate! Each pair of students (you and your partner) submits ONE "Personal Interest Creation" together. You can be as creative as you like with this! Video, audio, artwork, a poem, the format is up to you; but be sure to show/tell us about: Why do you both want to be a part of the competition? What do you think you might present at the research symposium (this can change later)? What would you find exciting about travelling to Germany?

Get a Letter of Support

This can come from a teacher, neighbour, mentor, employer etc. Someone who knows you (and your partner) and can comment on your interest in engineering, technology, and innovation. You will need to have this letter ready as part of the online application process. Your supporter will receive an automatic e-mail after you apply, acknowledging their support role. It’s beneficial if your supporter can answer some of your questions leading up to the competition i.e. how to do effective research? How do we problem solve in an engineering environment? 


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