BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//Drupal iCal API//EN X-WR-CALNAME:Events items teaser X-WR-TIMEZONE:America/Toronto BEGIN:VTIMEZONE TZID:America/Toronto X-LIC-LOCATION:America/Toronto BEGIN:DAYLIGHT TZNAME:EDT TZOFFSETFROM:-0500 TZOFFSETTO:-0400 DTSTART:20200308T070000 END:DAYLIGHT BEGIN:STANDARD TZNAME:EST TZOFFSETFROM:-0400 TZOFFSETTO:-0500 DTSTART:20201101T060000 END:STANDARD END:VTIMEZONE BEGIN:VEVENT UID:651bf35362b30 DTSTART;TZID=America/Toronto:20201118T190000 SEQUENCE:0 TRANSP:TRANSPARENT DTEND;TZID=America/Toronto:20201118T194500 SUMMARY:WWIN Webinar Series: How Females Are Growing the Start-up Landscape CLASS:PUBLIC DESCRIPTION:Summary \n\n[WWIN banner with mosaic pattern in black\, gold\, white and pink]In\nthis fireside chat\, we sit down with two inspiring ent repreneurial\nleaders – Susan Heystee\, BMath ’86 and Managing Directo r at Golden\nSeeds\, and Katie Witkop\, Founding Designer at Faire – as we delve\ninto topics including the importance of supporting female-owned\ nstart-ups\, potential funding sources for entrepreneurs\, incubators\, t\ n DTSTAMP:20231003T105619Z END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR