The Women in Mathematics committee stands in solidarity with those experiencing racism and joins the call for actions to end systemic racism worldwide and in our own community. We are committed to support the University of Waterloo's immediate actions to create positive changes. You can find more information about the immediate and developing actions in this regard on the Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion (HREI) website.

Lisa White

Software Developer, Kaleidescape

  • Lisa WhiteBachelor of Math (BMath) (co-op), University of Waterloo, Computer Science (minor in Psychology)
  • Master of Science (MSc), University of Toronto, Computer Science (artificial intelligence)
  • Create entertainment systems (whole home movie servers) sold to very high-end, often famous customers
  • Employees have tens of thousands of dollars worth of fun equipment (on loan) to test at home

Kaleidescape logo

Consider computer science!

Be creative: Design the user interface (how people use the program) and what the product should do.

Making it work right is fun! Use your logic and problem solving skills every day.

Teamwork is the key: Several teams of 10-15 people work for several years to create complex software programs.

Work in any field: choose one that interests you now, change at any time - the computer science is the same!

  • Create the latest fun technology: cell phones, online applications, consumer electronics, video games
  • Help people: medical, communications, air traffic control
  • Work with money finance, banking, insurance, rental purchases, inventory control

Work in any kind of company or organization: just starting up, small and owned by the employees, larger and publicly traded.

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