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Rebecca Liu

Managing Director, Technology & Operations Change Management and Workplace Transformation, Bank of Montreal

Rebecca LiuEducation

  • I graduated from University of Waterloo Faculty of Mathematics, majoring in the undergraduate Computer Science program.
  • I got my Master of Business Administration (MBA) from University of Western Ontario's Ivey School of Business.

What I do

I am responsible for a team in Technology and Operations, focused on Change Management and Workplace Transformation. My team provides business operational, administrative and management support. Areas of focus and support cover financial management, strategic initiative planning, vendor management, premises and facilities management, and workforce development programming.

The exciting part of my job, is that I get to work with multiple people and groups across a large organization, to help figure out how to keep things running well and continue being innovative in our endeavours. It allows me to tap into my UW Math and Computer Science educational roots, as well as my business background and entrepreneurial interests.

Prior to my current position at BMO, I had taken on many of the roles you can think of related to Technology delivery, from application developer, business analyst, test lead, project manager, to IT strategy consultant. Having the opportunity to learn so many diverse roles throughout my career has really shaped my perspective and what I’m able to bring to the table over the years.


What are the skills required?

From a technical perspective, math and a solid comprehension of IT are fundamental. Having studied business was also very important. These days, most organizations are driven by technology and global opportunities in IT are projected to increase.

When it comes to critical work competencies, relationship management and team work is at the top of my list. Being able to interact and collaborate, and build a supportive network with your colleagues is key.


Why I chose to do math

  • For me, it was about keeping doors open to multiple career possibilities.
  • In elementary school, I always struggled with math but I worked really hard at it and it paid off! When I graduated high school, I was offered a Rene Descartes scholarship to go to UW math. It was being able to overcome my previous challenges that made it all the more rewarding.
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