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Women’s Studies enables student to critically analyze gender relations across various social, historical, and geographic contexts. In Women’s Studies, students will consider how gender functions in diverse areas, such as government, law, entrepreneurship, health care, leisure, religion, and work. Students will also consider how gender relations intersect with relations of race, disability, class, nationality, and other factors that have marked people for disadvantage in society. Women’s Studies prepares students to enter the world and advocate for gender and social equality.

Here’s why you should study with us:

  • A Women’s Studies degree can serve as a launching pad for a number of careers, and can complement other degree programs in the sciences, business, humanities, or arts.

  • Developing an expertise in gender, diversity, equality, and social justice enhances marketability.

  • Women’s Studies is grounded in an interdisciplinary core of courses that provide a foundation for multidisciplinary work.

  • Students have the opportunity to work with a range of professors and students across multiple disciplines.

  • Students develop a multidisciplinary toolkit of analytic and research skills that can enrich their particular chosen academic trajectory.

  • Women’s Studies provides opportunities for experiential learning.

  • Upper-year classes are small and interactive with class discussions and student participation.

The Women’s Studies Program offers several plans for majors and minors.