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Course Code Course Name Instructor

Fall 2018 course offerings

WS 101 Intro to Women's Studies T. Holmes   
WS 102 Contemporary Women's Issues in Canada S. Stettner
WS 201 Images of Women in Popular Culture S. Cocarla
WS 207 Women and Entrepreneurship S. Stettner
WS 308/REC 408 Gender and Leisure L. Berbary
PHIL 371/WS 365 Special Topics: Equity and Embodiment S. Dea
WS 422/PHIL 402 Special Topics: Feminist Bioethics

K. Fulfer

Fall 2018 online offerings

Course Code Course Name Instructor
WS 222/PHIL 202 Gender Issues TBA
Course Code Course Name Instructor

Winter 2019 course offerings

WS 101 Intro to Women's Studies K. Fulfer
WS 205 Gender, Culture and Technology TBA
WS 306/RS 306 Contemporary Health Issues for Women TBA
WS 365/PHIL 371 Special Topics: Research as Resistance K. Fulfer

Women's Studies approved courses

Course code Course name
CLAS 311 Women in Classical Antiquity
ENGL 208L Race and English Literature
HIST 209

Smallpox to Medicare: Canadian Medical History

HIST 214 History of Women in the Modern United States
HIST 351 Canada: The Immigrant Experience
Offered Fall 2017
HLTH 320/GERON 320 Psychosocial Perspectives on Lifespan Development and Health
Offered in Fall 2017
ITALST 111 Women, Family, Sex and Tradition
ITAL 392/ITALST 392 Modern Italian Poetry and Theatre
PHIL 201 Philosophy of Sex and Love
Offered in Fall 2017
PHIL 220 Moral Issues
PSCI 370 Women and Politics
PSCI 421/LS 464 Justice and Gender
PSCI 472 Women and Public Policy
PSYCH 235 Psychological Perspectives on Gender and Sex
PSYCH 236 A Psychological Analysis of Human Sexuality
PSYCH 318 Psychosexual Organization
Offered in Fall 2017
RS 254 Christian Sexual Ethics
SDS 220R Changing Concepts of Childhood
SDS 354R Values and the Contemporary Family
Offered in Fall 2017
SMF 101 Introduction to Relationships and Families
Offered in Fall 2017
SMF 204 Introduction to Human Sexuality
Offered in Fall 2017
SOCWK 357R Family Violence
SPAN 387 Gender, Power, and Representations in Latin America