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Women's Studies at Waterloo is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in feminist research and teaching. The study of gender relations and their central role in education, family, work, leisure, law and politics will equip you with knowledge that is highly relevant in today's society. Check out our programs below to see which one will best suit your plan of study.

  • Honours Women's Studies
  • Joint Honours Women's Studies
  • Honours Women's Studies (Arts and Business Co-op and Regular)
  • Four-Year General Women's Studies
  • Three-Year General Women's Studies
  • Women's Studies Minor
  • Diploma in Women's Studies

Check out the Faculty of Arts requirements in the Waterloo undergraduate calendar.

Declaring a Women's Studies major

For Waterloo Arts students

To declare a Women's Studies major, students must be in good academic standing, and have completed at least one WS course. Students in Year 1B can declare a Major but will not be admitted into the program until final grades for 1B have been processed.

You can declare a major in Women's Studies by completing a Plan Modification form and bringing it to the Philosophy Undergraduate Office, Hagey Hall room 365. You may want to make an appointment to talk to Katy Fulfer about which Women's Studies plan is best suited for you.

If you are keen on studying Women's Studies but also interested in another discipline, sign up for a Joint Honours. Please see your academic advisor for further information.

For Waterloo non Arts students
Please apply for an Internal Transfer into the Faculty of Arts.  You can make an appointment with an academic advisor in the Arts Undergraduate Office located in Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology (PAS) 2439.