COVID-19 and co-op

Co-op student in business casual clothing and face mask while sitting on a couch and on their phone

Active project Exploring impacts of COVID-19 on work-integrated learning

This project seeks to understand how COVID-19 has impacted selected dynamics within work-integrated learning programs. It explores how COVID-19 has affected students’ work experiences, including how it has presented new challenges and opportunities for learning and development. Central to the exploration is the concept of work mode, whether students and employers are together “in person”, working “remotely”, or some “hybrid” combination of the two other modes. The goal of the project is to identify strategies for enhancing the quality of students’ work experiences across various work modes. Here are some of the analyses we are conducting within the project:

  1. Analyzing pre- and mid-pandemic Rate My Work Term data
  2. Analyzing changes in students’ work (tasks and interactions) throughout transitions to remote work.

Related work: Remote work-integrated learning experiences: Student perceptions 


Amie Durston