WCC Now Hiring Paid Peer Tutors!

Monday, March 11, 2019

image says join our teamHey, Graduate and Undergraduate Students!

Do you love writing?

Do you get a kick out of designing slides and presenting to an audience?

Do all of your friends come to you for help with their essays and reports?

UWaterloo’s Writing and Communication Centre is HIRING Peer Tutors for spring and fall terms! Our Peer Tutors are graduate and senior undergraduate students who have well-developed writing and communication skills, and who want to coach and help other students become better writers and communicators. WCC Peer Tutors will work with students during our drop-in hours at the Dana Porter and Davis Centre Libraries. Peer tutors will work 8-10 hours per week (typically between 11am and 6pm) from May to July and from September to November.

Application deadline for spring and fall terms: 9:00am, March 25, 2019

Responsibilities include (we’ll help you to learn many of these):

  • Talking with students about their work, asking probing and guiding questions, and helping students to see their work from the perspective of their audience

  • Supporting students on the writing/communication design process from brainstorming to proofreading by using a variety of teaching strategies

  • Discussing ways of arguing and persuading, the conventions of disciplines and assignment types, and the impacts of grammatical and structural choices

  • Maintaining an equitable, friendly, student-centred learning space that is collaborative, encouraging, and values students’ ownership of their work

  • Participating in paid training (in April and August) and participating in weekly meetings during the term to discuss and hone teaching practices

  • Graduate Peer Tutors will also help to mentor and support Undergraduate Peer Tutors

Required skills

  • Patience and a genuine interest in helping others

  • Foundational skills for teaching – active listening, the ability to explain concepts, formulate critical questions, and use resources in service of teaching, etc.

  • Excellent and demonstrable communication skills (written, verbal, visual, etc.)

  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively with others

  • Excellent interpersonal and time management skills

  • Experience in digital communication, STEM writing/communication, and/or business communication is an asset

To apply, email your application to writingcommunication@uwaterloo.ca by 9:00am, March 25, 2019.


Include a cover letter, résumé, and an example of your academic writing (essay, report, etc.). Indicate the term(s) you are applying for and include your class schedule if you are applying for the spring term.  

References: Please also include the name and email address for one UWaterloo instructor (undergrads may provide the name of a Teaching Assistant) who is familiar with your work and would be willing to recommend you as a good candidate for the role of WCC Peer Tutor (check with them first and let them know we’ll be sending them an email during the interview process).

Pay Ranges*     

Undergraduate students: $15.00 to $20.00 + 4% vacation pay

Graduate students: $25.00 to $32.46 (TA Rate) + 4% vacation pay

* Based on WCC student staff pay grid

  1. 2019 (11)
    1. July (1)
    2. March (3)
    3. February (3)
    4. January (4)
  2. 2018 (12)
    1. December (1)
    2. October (2)
    3. September (2)
    4. August (1)
    5. June (1)
    6. April (3)
    7. February (1)
    8. January (1)
  3. 2017 (10)
    1. November (2)
    2. September (1)
    3. August (2)
    4. June (1)
    5. May (1)
    6. April (2)
    7. January (1)
  4. 2016 (6)
  5. 2015 (9)
  6. 2014 (8)
  7. 2013 (1)

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