Writing and Multimodal Communication Specialist interviewed by the Canadian Writing Centres Association (CWCA)

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Nadine FladdThe Writing and Communication Centre (WCC) is excited to read our Writing and Multimodal Communication Specialist, Nadine Fladd's interview with the Canadian Writing Centres Association (CWCA). 

The interview is presented as a three-part series of blog posts regarding the influence of the pandemic on the graduate students and the support offered to them.

During the interview, Nadine expresses the challenges and opportunities she has come across while teaching virtually.

Nadine explains:

I think my approach to teaching has really gotten back to the very basics of starting with what is the goal, what is the objective and building from there rather than trying to transfer an in-person equivalent to an online environment.

The full blog posts are available on the CWCA website.